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We haven't done a major fundraising drive since we first launched the website more than three years ago, and in order to continue our current work and expand with our planned projects for 2014 (see detail by following the link below), we appreciate your generous support to make it all a reality. Your generosity is an investment in providing the knowledge which can transform the lives of many people in our world. We've defined three project areas where your support will help us focus on in 2014.

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ACI In-Depth Course 1: Teachings of the Future Buddha: The Uttara Tantra of Maitreya

March 05, 2014

Centuries ago, the Coming Buddha, Lord Maitreya, taught his disciple Arya Asanga the secret of how to reach Enlightenment. He described to him in detail, the inner nature, which guarantees that each of us can, and will, become enlightened. Each of us carries within us a seed, a potential, a capacity to become a fully enlightened being: A Buddha.

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Jesus and Tibet: A Guide to Happiness From the Days When the World Was One

March 03, 2014

After Christ died on the cross, his teachings traveled to Europe and became the churches that we all attend. But the word also went east, to India and Tibet, with the disciple Thomas and it still lives on. During this series of three talks, you'll learn about a special key that comes from the ancient Christian teachings of the east. It is called the One Key, because it can be used by anyone to achieve all our goals in life: our immediate needs here in the world, and our higher needs beyond this world.

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The Questions of King Milinda

February 27, 2014

New on The Knowledge Base: The Questions of King Milinda is a 2,000-year-old Buddhist text that chronicles the debate between the Greek King Milinda and an Indian Buddhist monk named Nagasena. The text has always been of particular interest to Western readers, since the king, being a Greek thinker, asked the monk the same questions we ourselves might.


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Steps to Enlightenment Retreat 7: The Beauty of a Teacher

February 24, 2014

New video of this entire teaching posted on The Knowledge Base.

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