The Diamond Cutter Sutra is perhaps the greatest book ever written on this planet—and the explanation of it by the ancient sage Kamalashila is the deepest there is. Here are the famous last words of the sutra:

Caused by anything
Is a star, dust in your eye;
A candle, an illusion,
Dew, a bubble, dreams & lightning—
Passing like a cloud.

Returning to New York City, Geshe Michael Roach presents Kamalashila’s surprise ending to the Diamond Cutter and teach us how to develop five different sets of eyes, so that we can see far beyond what we see ordinarily see.

Amazingly, Kamalashila also predicts the arising of the worldview of science: a belief held and ingrained so deeply by many across the globe that we aren’t even aware we have it. In a few brilliant pages, he shatters this worldview, and replaces it with a way of looking at the world which will lead to a planet of peace and enlightenment.


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