Helping Others Must Become a Way of Life (2013, Phoenix)

Here’s a short video clip of Geshe Michael Roach where he discusses how transforming the world all hinges on our ability to change our instinctual behavior.

It has to become a way of life that you help others. It has to become an instinct that when you want something you try to get it for someone else. Right now we have the opposite instinct, “what I want I must take from others, I must deny from others, I must compete with others”. That’s our current instinct, and to change an instinct is very hard.

If enough people were able to change that instinct, the entire world would change. People would act differently towards each other; those who don’t want to be yelled at would stop yelling—in order to not be yelled at. It would just become instinctual, and then the world would change.