Idims: Мудрость Нагарджуны Курс 4: Тайна Глав (2022, Arizona)

Внимание: чтобы сделать это еще более мощным инструментом обучения, мы связали каждое изображение с точным временем в видео, где геше Майкл объясняет важную идею. Вы можете просто нажать на каждый Idim, и он откроет видео в точном месте.

Idim 4.1: A Review and word-by-word commentary of the title – “A Ship on the Sea of Emptiness”

Idim 4.2: Causes are the Key

Idim 4.3: Which part of my foot is gone, and which part is going?

Idim 4.4: But Buddha said, in the first turning, that the parts do have a nature

Idim 4.5: Don’t the agents have some nature to do something?

Idim 4.6: Agents & actions in the sense of coming & going from lives to lives

Idim 4.7: How could anyone have been there, before?

Idim 4.8: Fire & firewood: there was someone there before!

Idim 4.9: Not just no beginning, but there never was

Idim 4.10: An Investigation of Factors (really = illusion). Anyone who cheats us lies to us

Idim 4.11: When you want money enough to hurt someone, you can’t touch it

Idim 4.12: What is white karma?

Idim 4.13: A temple with a stone wall

Idim 4.14: A pile of leaves blown in the wind

Idim 4.15: The necessary details of our general relationship to emptiness

Idim 4.16: Two steps to engaging in emptiness

Idim 4.17: No me leading to no mine

Idim 4.18: Investigation, and living with the results

Idim 4.19

Idim 4.20: Me as body and mind never in an instant

Idim 4.21: Gone in the next instant, and in the next life

Idim 4.22: Where there are no two, there is no relationship

Idim 4.23: There would have to be two me’s

Idim 4.24: There would be no indication that I had been; or was; or would be there

Idim 4.25: Nothing to see, and no one to feel

Idim 4.26: It’s mine!

Idim 4.27: Me & mine: two parts to the view of destruction

Idim 4.28: Those who see, do not

Idim 4.29: Grasping to the pretty; to my wrong ideas; to a “me”; and to disastrous practices, all leading to another kind of taking

Idim 4.30: Looking at things the wrong way

Idim 4.31: Again, the idea of fixing the sink— rather than constantly mopping up puddles

Idim 4.32: Three kinds of me’s: all of them approved, all of them wrong

Idim 4.33: Another version of the three denials

Idim 4.34: Why the Buddha never teaches

Idim 4.35: The different kinds of pure

Idim 4.36: Not something that someone can describe to you

Idim 4.37: Peace, in its very essence

Idim 4.38: Inexpressible with normal words

Idim 4.39: Devoid of conceptual thought

Idim 4.40: Inseparable emptiness

Idim 4.41: The connection of a keystroke and a screen

Idim 4.42: Plant the seeds for Joe

Idim 4.43: The present and the future must depend on the past; but then….

Idim 4.44: And what if the present and future did not exist in the past?

Idim 4.44: And what if the present and future did not exist in the past?

Idim 4.45: Which happens first, the future or the past?

Idim 4.46: What is the difference between the present & the future depending on the past naturally, and not in that way?

Idim 4.47: A non-relativity that now goes all different possible ways [it’s not just that present & future should depend on the past]

Idim 4.48: The same problem of non-relativity with any such set made of ones

Idim 4.49: False units of time, for no one could ever hold them

Idim 4.50: If “a book in the present moment” isn’t there really, then neither is the present moment it possesses

Idim 4.51: time as a segue to causes & conditions, in two different senses

Idim 4.52: Is the result already there, in the convening of causes & conditions?

Idim 4.53: If the result is not already there, in the convening of causes & conditions, it could never grow; for a s-e result could never change

Idim 4.54: A result in the consummate collection should be something we could perceive

Idim 4.55: A consummate collection without a result could also be a lump of coal

Idim 4.56: The hi-octane gas & the disappearing car

Idim 4.57: If the cause stopped first, then the result would have no cause

Idim 4.58: The seed could never remain once the trunk has grown

Idim 4.59: A future result that existed already would not depend upon the consummate collection

Idim 4.60: A cause like an actor on the stage

Idim 4.61: An infinite progression of results

Idim 4.62: Options for the first of seven possibilities; starting with a cause that stops before its result begins

Idim 4.62a: The parts coated with a luminous image

Idim 4.63: “In sight of,”or “anticipate”; if the cause can anticipate, then it has lost its job

Idim 4.64: If the result were not in sight, one cause would trigger all possible results

Idim 4.65: Is it that a cause already past triggers a result also past?

Idim 4.66: Is it that a cause that is yet to come triggers a result that is past?

Idim 4.67: Is it that a resultwhich is past touches a present cause already arisen?

Idim 4.68: Is it that a present result is triggered by a cause which is yet to come?

Idim 4.69: Could there be a touching that existed in and of itself?

Idim 4.70: The concept of a pointless starting

Idim 4.71: The necessary meeting of ends {front & back ends}

Idim 4.72: Pieces meeting is enough

Idim 4.73: Water: a cause empty of its result

Idim 4.74: How can an empty thing start and stop?

Idim 4.75: The mother is her baby

Idim 4.76: An elephant gave birth to her baby

Idim 4.77: Too late for seeds to work

Idim 4.78: Nothing for seeds to do

Idim 4.79: If it didn’t start something from its own side, it never existed from its own side

Idim 4.80: The consummate collection is not solid enough to produce a result

Idim 4.80a: the carving for the above question

Idim 4.81: Life that never had death, or death while we are still alive.

Idim 4.82: A room that is all dark and all lit up at the same time…

Idim 4.83: Together, or separate?

Idim 4.84: Anything that does something must thereby wear out

Idim 4.85: Neither both here nor either here