Idims: Дар освобождения 40: Магия Пустых Медитаций – Тонглен, Обмен Себя На Других (2023)

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Внимание: чтобы сделать это еще более мощным инструментом обучения, мы связали каждое изображение с точным временем в видео, где геше Майкл объясняет важную идею. Вы можете просто нажать на каждый Idim, и он откроет видео в точном месте.

Idim 40.1: An offering of the lower half, to prove it can be done

Idim 40.2: Make a prayer to be like Courage, who gave his body to the tiger

Idim 40.3: Croissant meditation

Idim 40.4: Someone to be patient towards

Idim 40.5: More precious than a wish-giving gem

Idim 40.6: Drowning in four rivers

Idim 40.7: Advice from the Offering to Lamas

Idim 40.8: Switching out

Idim 40.9: Giving before taking

Idim 40.10: Using the razor of taking

Idim 40.11: Working through the realms

Idim 40.12: Tonglen on myself

Idim 40.13: Spreading it to all planets

Idim 40.14: Finally, our enemy…

Idim 40.15: Skipping, like the Lion’s Dance

Idim 40.16: Scared is good

Idim 40.17: I will be the rain

Idim 40.18: Safe & warm

Idim 40.19: The definition of delicious

Idim 40.20: A gift of pen thinking

Idim 40.21: Whatever they want

Idim 40.22a: A new mantra for us, all day

Idim 40.22b: Bless me, Lama of Compassion

Idim 40.23: Lung sems jukpa chik

Idim 40.24: Teacher breathing

Idim 40.25: Back to pung sumpa with others nearby

Idim 40.26: The dangers of success

Idim 40.27: The anachronism of germs

Idim 40.28: Tracing back; detective work

Idim 40.28a: A place to work out our bad karma

Idim 40.29: Happy I succeeded

Idim 40.30: An inspiration rather than an obstacle

Idim 40.31: Wake up call from Muara Jambi

Idim 40.32: Protest movement by emptiness

Idim 40.33: Disasters are your friend

Idim 40.34: Careful on the narrow way

Idim 40.35: A great fixer for pride

Idim 40.36: credit card troubles