Coffee Meditation: The Secret Weapon to Creating Fast and Powerful Karma (2013, Oslo)

The most important step in the process of planting seeds is what Geshe Michael likes to call “Coffee Meditation”. As he’s said in his recent book, The Karma of Love:

“Coffee Meditation makes all the difference between getting what you want in your life, or not. Don’t be deceived by how simple it is, or by the fact that laying down on your bed at night and thinking about all the good things you’re doing for people is a mildly pleasant process.”

“It’s not true that the most powerful karmas you can plant require the most effort or stress. If you think about it, it may actually be the opposite: that if you really find the most powerful spiritual tools of all, the most powerful keys to success, then perhaps by their very nature they are gentle, and simple, and easy.”

“Coffee Meditation is one of the most pleasant practices of all; and the most powerful; and the most necessary. Skip your Coffee Meditation, and you are skipping your success, and happiness.

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