We have heard this morning of the heart-breaking news of the killing and injury of groups of people by others, in your countries. It brings us terrible sadness, especially when we recognize that there is no country, and no one of us individually, who is free inside of us from the same kind of violence. We pledge to all of you brothers & sisters that for the next year, daily, we will add—into our daily meditations—prayers and contemplations about where this violence comes from, and how to stop it by changing ourselves: by reading and re-reading the explanations from our lineage linked below, and trying to follow them hour by hour in our own lives.
Geshe Michael Roach sharing a very powerful method for putting an end to conflict and bringing about change on a global level. Each of us has a chance to change the entire world, but that all depends on our moment-to-moment interactions with other people throughout the day. Armed with the power of a deep understanding of where events in this world are truly coming from, we can use our love and compassion to undertake a very practical method to put an ultimate end to all conflict and violence in the world.
El objetivo de los negocios y de la antigua sabiduría tibetana y, de hecho, de toda iniciativa humana es enriquecernos logrando prosperidad externa e interna. Pero sólo seremos capaces de disfrutar dicha prosperidad si nos mantenemos en un buen grado de salud física y mental. Y a lo largo de nuestra vida hemos de buscar métodos para darle a esta prosperidad un significado en gran escala.
Michael Roach, primer monje budista estadounidense que alcanzó el grado de Gueshe y uno de los más populares profesores de Budismo Tibetano en Occidente, vendrá al Perú como parte su gira internacional del presente año. Roach, conocido popularmente como Gueshe Michael, ofrecido tres distintas conferencias públicas en Lima, que se celebró en el Auditorio Juan Julio Wicht, de la Universidad del Pacífico.
In diesem vortrag werden Roach und sein Team von erfahrenen Lehrern des Diamond Cutter Instituts die Teilnehmer darin unterrichten, wie sie Beziehungen mit Geschäftspartnern und Konkurrenten, aber auch persönliche Beziehungen und die Beziehung zu sich selbst, positiver gestalten können.
במהלך 15 שנה, שימש רואץ’, כסגן נשיא ומנהל חטיבת היהלומים בחברת Andin International. בתקופת כהונתו, עבד רואץ’ על פי עקרונות הניהול הקארמי המבוססים על הפילוסופיה הבודהיסטית, והחברה הכפילה מידי שנה את מחזורה במשך כ-10 שנים ברציפות והגיעה למחזור של 100 מיליון דולר.
This talk is about how to plan for growth–your company, department, career–while not forgetting about your community. It’s about the right kind of success, with the right kinds of methods. We may feel torn by conflicting demands from work, family and community. But it’s possible to plant seeds for success–meaningful work and a meaningful life–right now, from the beginning.