Idea Images: A Gift of Liberation 36: A Gift of Liberation 36: Love in the Time of the Virus (2020, Arizona)

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Here is a collection of Idea Images (Idims) which represent all the important ideas of this course. It’s a great tool to connect the image mentally with the important idea. There’s a tradition in this lineage that when you learn a topic you review it at least two times after the class. Preferably once on the day of the class and preferably once the next day or two days later. As Geshe Michael pointed out in this course:

I personally think it’s a great idea to do your traditional lineage required review by just looking at the pictures. Personally I make myself breakfast and I set the images down on the table and I slop food into my mouth, and I drink my coffee and try to remember what was this picture about. And for me it’s a very pleasant breakfast. It’s kind of like a Dharma breakfast.”

Please Note: To make this an even more powerful study tool we linked each image to the exact time in the video where Geshe Michael explains the important idea. You can just click on each Idim and it will open the video at the precise location.

Idim 36.1: An all-day place to start

Idim 36.2: Lineage holder paying the taxes

Idim 36.3: Light of the world

Idim 36.4: Setting of the sun in our own chest

Idim 36.5: Love in the time of the virus

Idim 36.6: Spreading the teaching, inside

Idim 36.7: Best & worst thing in our whole life

Idim 36.8: It doesn’t end there

Idim 36.9: The kindness of the monks & nuns

Idim 36.10: Your future barrel of peaches

Idim 36.11: Read the recipe

Idim 36.12: Second way to break vows: blow them off

Idim 36.13: Geoff & the gang fight

Idim 36.14: Their lovely insides

Idim 36.15: Happy they have

Idim 36.16: Stars over the ocean

Idim 36.17: The Arya

Idim 36.18: Mindful on the street

Idim 36.19: Return to the original store

Idim 36.20: Finesse the details

Idim 36.21: Finishing touches on a perfect world

Idim 36.22: Yamantaka you wish

Idim 36.23: A topless apple tree

Idim 36.24: Rinpoche’s answer

Idim 36.25: Getting to know you

Idim 36.26: Visiting the middle of the sun

Idim 36.27: Rushing to work

Idim 36.28: Mis-showing the way

Idim 36.29: Olympic warming up

Idim 36.30: Opening act

Idim 36.31: Making it on the tennis team

Idim 36.32: gmr on tennis team made it!

Idim 36.33: Visiting an art museum

Idim 36.34: It might set the sky afire

Idim 36.35: Just feeding a bird

Idim 36.36: Fugu fish Wish

Idim 36.37: My Buddha’s mom & dad

Idim 36.38: In the palm of my hand

Idim 36.39: Gold on the seven seas

Idim 36.40: To Paris without a croissant