Idims: Ein Geschenk der Befreiung 38: Ein Bodhisattva Werden: Schritte Um Eine Bessere Welt Zu Erschaffen

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Um dies zu einem noch leistungsfähigeren Lernwerkzeug zu machen, haben wir jedes Bild mit der genauen Zeit im Video verknüpft, in der Geshe Michael die wichtige Idee erklärt. Sie können einfach auf jedes Idim klicken und das Video wird an der genauen Stelle geöffnet.

Idim 38.1: Visiting the middle of the sun

Idim 38.2: The honor of the name

Idim 38.3: Good birds, but the sun

Idim 38.4: Even a coffee, and even unknown

Idim 38.5: Better than picking up stones

Idim 38.6: The fastest way to get a stain out

Idim 38.7: A city in the sun

Idim 38.8: A secure place to sit

Idim 38.9: Suddenly, in the sun at the top

Idim 38.10: The quiet fertile valley

Idim 38.11: The dharma of taking a walk

Idim 38.12: The practice in the palm of our hands

Idim 38.13: The most important one of all

Idim 38.14: Where there’s smoke

Idim 38.15: In the end, to prove a person who cannot lie, for things we cannot see

Idim 38.16: The living breath and eyes

Idim 38.17: Chemicals: not, it would be all

Idim 38.18: What is holding it up? See with the eyes of clear thinking that something solid is there

Idim 38.19: What accounts for the variety of things growing out of the same medium?

Idim 38.20: And the same for different flavors of children

Idim 38.21: More than the coloring from the current senses

Idim 38.22: In fact, the supporting goes the other way

Idim 38.23: Happily giving an eye; so the eye is not the support

Idim 38.24: Let’s face it: something hard to think about

Idim 38.25: Where did the water first start? Lakes, clouds, & ouroboros

Idim 38.26: It’s just the odds

Idim 38.27: One worm, enough mothers

Idim 38.28: Not a single corner of the universe

Idim 38.29: Take care of this oxygen giver

Idim 38.30: Expanding the circle

Idim 38.31: Looks can be deceiving

Idim 38.32: The Arhatess of the Sapphire Lotus

Idim 38.33: The river and the wolf

Idim 38.34: Naked pain to arhat: mistakes make a teacher

Idim 38.35: Prajapati, Destroyer of the Enemy, The Lady of All Beings

Idim 38.36: These are still your jeans

Idim 38.37: A tender meeting with an ant

Idim 38.38: The intense caring started from the inside

Idim 38.39: Her biggest achievement: getting us here, to the Lam Rim

Idim 38.40: A newborn on her fingertips: another proof of karma

Idim 38.41: Even in her sleep

Idim 38.42: What I would have been

Idim 38.43: Anything for money

Idim 38.44: The instincts of a mother

Idim 38.45: Giving up her own food

Idim 38.46: Which one was I?

Idim 38.47: Stuffed in a steel cage

Idim 38.48: Would you help her from a fire?

Idim 38.49: The honor & responsibility of saving a life

Idim 38.50: The code of living kind: a gift in return

Idim 38.51: My mother with a knife

Idim 38.52: My feelings for my only child

Idim 38.53: From here, we’re on autopilot

Idim 38.54: Three steps to loving

Idim 38.55: Arya Nagarjuna’s Six-in-One

Idim 38.56: Work hard to keep the total vision

Idim 38.57: Jumping off from here to equal & exchange

Idim 38.58: A trip to the True Thought

Idim 38.59: The root of two roots

Idim 38.60: Compassion: seed, water, and tasty fruit

Idim 38.61: Working backwards from Enlightenment: Why did Master Chandrakirti give a root for two roots??

Idim 38.62: Compassion: seed, water, and tasty fruit

Idim 38.63: What brings the speed? And why?

Idim 38.64: The difference between your Mom & Dad, and your relatives

Idim 38.65: Short cut to compassion

Idim 38.66: Not the slightest difference

Idim 38.67: The closest thing in this world

Idim 38.68: The lie of people who seem to be doing okay

Idim 38.69: Compassion for her future

Idim 38.70: Special attention to the unlovable

Idim 38.71: When you know you have it, over coffee

Idim 38.72: The difference between pulling away, and protecting

Idim 38.73: Building on first steps

Idim 38.74: A slight difference in loves

Idim 38.75: The majesty of responsibility

Idim 38.76: The decision to sell or not