Idea Images: A Gift of Liberation 41: The Power of a Good Heart (2023, Guadalajara)

Here is a collection of Idea Images (Idims) which represent all the important ideas of this course. It’s a great tool to connect the image mentally with the important idea. There’s a tradition in this lineage that when you learn a topic you review it at least two times after the class. Preferably once on the day of the class and preferably once the next day or two days later. As Geshe Michael pointed out in this course:

I personally think it’s a great idea to do your traditional lineage required review by just looking at the pictures. Personally I make myself breakfast and I set the images down on the table and I slop food into my mouth, and I drink my coffee and try to remember what was this picture about. And for me it’s a very pleasant breakfast. It’s kind of like a Dharma breakfast.”

Please Note: To make this an even more powerful study tool we linked each image to the exact time in the video where Geshe Michael explains the important idea. You can just click on each Idim and it will open the video at the precise location.

Idim 44.1: A great fixer for pride

Idim 44.2: Credit card troubles

Idim 44.3: The golden cage

Idim 44.4: Daily quiet at the bottom

Idim 44.5: It doesn’t hurt

Idim 44.6: Take the opportunity

Idim 44.7: A gift of the gods

Idim 44.8: Nijinsky’s children

Idim 44.9: The emptiness of our problems

Idim 44.10: And anyway, it will all be gone soon

Idim 44.11: Seeing it as already done

Idim 44.12: The essence of the Diamond Way

Idim 44.13: Mainly, be happy about that

Idim 44.14: The three animals inside us, and putting them away

Idim 44.15: Lojong is the City of Happiness

Idim 44.16: Rain on the journey is a good thing

Idim 44.17: The ultimate problem advice

Idim 44.18: A teaching even for those who have no teaching

Idim 44.19: Calling on spirit beings to do their (nasty) work

Idim 44.20: A special toothbrush meditation

Idim 44.21: White seed: our Jorchu for sakjang

Idim 44.22: The meditation here is a continuous flow of habitation

Idim 44.23: Like giving away vegetables

Idim 44.24: When the outline of 11 is like using a cup

Idim 44.25: Like shooing a fly

Idim 44.26: A source for Coffee Meditation

Idim 44.27: An intention for the bardo

Idim 44.28: Wrapping things up: a white seed

Idim 44.29: Attachment to things we owned as a special cause of resentment for lifetimes

Idim 44.30: Born as a maggot inside our own body

Idim 44.31: Approaching death in the Diamond Way

Idim 44.32: A prayer to take it all

Idim 44.33: Moving on from a place of great familiarity

Idim 44.34: The sleeping lion: what are the channels?