It is not possible to succeed in the Mahayana path without strictly keeping each bodhisattva vow, and to keep those vows one must understand all 64 vows clearly. This Course is based upon Master Asanga’s root text and its commentary called the Highway for Bodhisattvas (Jangchub Shunglam) by Je Tsongkapa.

Topics include: the definition and types of bodhichitta, types of morality, types of vows, how bodhisattva vows are taken, an explanation of the eighteen root bodhisattva vows and forty-six secondary bodhisattva vows, the four factors needed to break bodhisattva root vows, how bodhisattva vows are broken, how bodhisattva vows are lost, how to keep your bodhisattva vows, how to restore your bodhisattva vows, and the benefits of keeping bodhisattva vows.

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Course Materials

Course Materials




Class One: Overview of the Course

Class Two: Types of Vows and the Three Moralities

Class Three: The Parts of Vow Taking

Class Four: Root Vows One to Nine

Class Five: Root Vows Ten to Eighteen

Class Six: Breaking and Restoring Vows

Class Seven: Secondary Vows One to Sixteen

Class Eight: Secondary Vows One to Thirty-Four

Class Nine: Secondary Vows Thirty-Five to Forty-Six

Class Ten: Keeping Your Vows

Class Eleven: Course Review