If you really understand the emptiness of your primary practices, they become much, much more powerful. This is our third course covering the most famous of all works by Nagarjuna (c. 200AD) which he named simply “Wisdom”. For 2000 years, hundreds of commentaries were written about these 27 chapters in poetry. And it is really all the emptiness teachings that you've ever heard. All the emptiness teachings in Tibet, China, Korea, and Japan are based on Nagarjuna's "Wisdom".
This is a special class that Geshe Michael taught to the volunteers during the recent retreat in Thailand. It focuses on Buddhism’s most important idea, from perhaps the most influential work ever written on emptiness, from the most important teacher of emptiness to come after the Buddha — Arya Nagarjuna. Geshe Michael manages to masterfully weave the very heart of this idea into a very real life example that we can all use in our everyday lives.