Idims: Дар освобождения 39: Oбмен себя на других: Oбмен себя на других (2022, Аризона)

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Внимание: чтобы сделать это еще более мощным инструментом обучения, мы связали каждое изображение с точным временем в видео, где геше Майкл объясняет важную идею. Вы можете просто нажать на каждый Idim, и он откроет видео в точном месте.

Idim 39.1: You are beloved & protected

Idim 39.2: You feel joy

Idim 39.3: Nothing works against you

Idim 39.4: You accomplish the things you want to

Idim 39.5: Getting an idea

Idim 39.6: The two options

Idim 39.7: A doubt: I cannot take care even of one

Idim 39.8: But neither can anyone else, really

Idim 39.9: The difference between your palm and the sky

Idim 39.10: Beyond all fear

Idim 39.11: Agile savior

Idim 39.12: A wag for everybody

Idim 39.13: Everybody’s waitress, regardless of the tip

Idim 39.14: Wanting to work for others

Idim 39.15: Our eyes on the goal

Idim 39.16: Those sweetest words

Idim 39.17: No choice but to

Idim 39.18: A mix of helpless & vision

Idim 39.19: Complete with all the necessary channels

Idim 39.20: The way of the diamond

Idim 39.21: Any 3 years of my life

Idim 39.22: An unexpected boost!

Idim 39.23: Stinky meditation!

Idim 39.24: Unlikely to meet again

Idim 39.25: Something to do before we lose this mind

Idim 39.26: A time to focus on ourselves, for everyone

Idim 39.27: Imagining those planets several times a day

Idim 39.28: The sugarcane skin version

Idim 39.29: The end and the beginning of a journey

Idim 39.30: The daughter & son of the Enlightened Ones

Idim 39.31: Reinforcements for the ultimate victory

Idim 39.32: Division by nature: decision, and starting

Idim 39.33: Moving on to equal & exchange

Idim 39.34: Adding more power with the exchange

Idim 39.35: The lojong equation: Equal/exchange + giving/taking = lojong

Idim 39.36: Developing the good heart: The real meaning of “lojong”

Idim 39.37: The ultimate secret: can you guess why?

Idim 39.38: Something too much for the vessel of the mind

Idim 39.39: Massively more help

Idim 39.40: The sealed years

Idim 39.41: The hybrid years

Idim 39.42: The open years

Idim 39.43: Offering the profit

Idim 39.44: The power of the lineage; are you ready?

Idim 39.45: The leper’s Dharma

Idim 39.46: The Seven Points

Idim 39.47: The essence of nectar

Idim 39.48: A spark in the dark

Idim 39.49: Using a torque wrench

Idim 39.50: Why do we do an offering of praise?

Idim 39.51: The two foundation steps are the same

Idim 39.52: Mr. Elephant Cloak and over-eager emptiness

Idim 39.53: The Great Biographer

Idim 39.54: The boy of love who was the daughter

Idim 39.55: Maitri dancing

Idim 39.56: The whip of love

Idim 39.57: Getting started on equal rights

Idim 39.58a: None of us wants the least bit of pain

Idim 39.58b: The Three Treasures: A Buddhist Prayer Book

Idim 39.58c: Diamond Cutter Classics eBook Collection

Idim 39.58d: King of the Dharma: The Illustrated Life of Je Tsongkapa

Idim 39.59: Two wishes that make us all equal

Idim 39.60: Also when she was not my Mom

Idim 39.61: Considering the balance

Idim 39.62: Worst of the chronic diseases

Idim 39.63: The Great Mistake of trying to make myself happy

Idim 39.64: What possible use?

Idim 39.65: Tracing the blame back

Idim 39.66: The simple cause of terrible rebirths

Idim 39.67: What actually upset the balance of your nutrients

Idim 39.68: What actually upsets your mental & physical rhythms

Idim 39.69: What upsets the powerful people

Idim 39.70: “Whatever you like”

Idim 39.71: Even the tiny losses

Idim 39.72: Sickness of the food

Idim 39.73: Accused of anything we didn’t do

Idim 39.74: An evil kind of farmer

Idim 39.75: The ultimate loser

Idim 39.76: Someone best to be quiet around

Idim 39.77: An unstoppable evil omen

Idim 39.78: The best place to put your tormas

Idim 39.79: Evil spirits: there are such things, both as the two cherishings, and harmful beings

Idim 39.80: Even seeming accidents

Idim 39.81: The exhausting effort to serve myself first

Idim 39.82: A crucial distinction that isn’t there that much

Idim 39.83: Existing, & cherished

Idim 39.84: Is it wrong to want ourselves to be happy? The measure of wrong here

Idim 39.85: Decide on the enemy and treat them accordingly

Idim 39.86: Just serving someone a glass of juice

Idim 39.87: A door to infinite personal achievements

Idim 39.88: The real source of the purest water

Idim 39.89: Source as well of the ten good deeds

Idim 39.90: Pumping up our perfections

Idim 39.91: Observe the difference in the people around us

Idim 39.92: We started out exactly the same

Idim 39.93: Time to admit the failure

Idim 39.94: Time to admit the success

Idim 39.95: Identifying the real enemy; something we can use right now

Idim 39.96: A pleasant failure

Idim 39.97: Your lap: a good place to throw it

Idim 39.98: Could I serve my flesh?