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Geshe Michael Roach gave two days of special teachings on meditation and the nature of the mind. These teachings are taken directly from The Angel Debates The Devil, a dialogue between the good and evil that happens in our mind, by Lobsang Chukyi Gyeltsen. The text is at the same time extremely funny and extremely deep, as it reveals the tricky ways that our mind deceives us into believing we are thinking and acting in a way that actually helps us. This teaching will help us to unravel these seductive arguments of the Devil in our own mind to order to be successful in this life, and to learn how to develop the skills necessary to confront any obstacle.

The traditional name of our text is An Argument with the Tendency to Think that Things are Real. It was written by Lobsang Chukyi Gyeltsen, who lived 1565-1662. He was above all an extraordinary practitioner, thinker, and contemplator; a yogi; a poet and writer among the greatest who have ever lived; and an ardent pacifist who once stopped a war single-handedly, by walking out between the opposing armies.

What’s amazing is that—as we listen to the Devil and the Angel debating—we unexpectedly begin to get some new ideas about how the world around us works: why things happen to us the way they do, why we meet the people we do. By the end of the fight, we have a lot of what we need to know to change our own life—to be happier, and make those around us happy.

The genre of the work that we will be learning in this course series is known as Mahamudra, or the Great Seal. This is a practice where we try to come to an understanding of emptiness by observing our own mind in meditation, and grasping how the mind itself—like all other things—is empty of being itself, by itself.

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Detailed Course Content Overview

Welcome to the “Detailed Course Content Overview” – your gateway to the profound teachings of The Devil Debates an Angel course series. As the 16th installment of this ongoing exploration, this section is designed to deepen your engagement with the material by offering succinct summaries of each session. Within these overviews, you’ll encounter the core themes and transformative insights that are the hallmark of this course. Whether you’re preparing for your journey, revisiting pivotal moments, or seeking clarity on specific teachings, these summaries are here to guide you through the rich tapestry of wisdom that “The Devil Debates an Angel” has to offer. Embark on this leg of your spiritual quest with a clear path outlined by these essential highlights.

Class 1: Unveiling Reality – The Power of Perception

Introduction to Perception: The course begins with an exploration of how we perceive the world and the Buddhist assertion that our perceptions shape our reality.
Four Steps to Enlightenment: Geshe Michael Roach outlines the four critical steps on the path to enlightenment, emphasizing the importance of understanding the nature of our mind and perceptions.
Reality and Karma: The class delves into the relationship between karma and perception, suggesting that our actions and intentions set the stage for how we experience the world.
Practical Application: Practical exercises are introduced to help participants apply these concepts to their daily lives, fostering a deeper understanding of the teachings.

Class 2: The Layers of Self – Unraveling Our Inner Complexity

Exploring the ‘Self’: This session examines the concept of the ‘self’ in Buddhist philosophy, challenging the notion of a solid, unchanging identity.
Karma’s Role: The intricate connection between our actions (karma) and our perceptions is further explored, highlighting how our past actions influence our current experiences.
Perception and Reality: Geshe Michael Roach discusses the layers of perception and how our beliefs about reality can be misleading, encouraging a reevaluation of our understanding of the self.

Class 3: The Mirage of the Self – Understanding Emptiness

The Concept of ‘Emptiness’: The third class delves into the profound concept of ’emptiness’ and the idea of ‘gakja’, which challenges our conventional understanding of existence.
Flawed Perceptions: The discussion focuses on recognizing the flaws in our perceptions and the dangers of believing in a self-existent world.
Generosity and Success: The Buddhist perspective on achieving financial success through generosity is presented, suggesting that true prosperity comes from selfless actions.

Class 4: The Mind’s Fabric – The Five Heaps and Beyond

Understanding the ‘Five Heaps’: Geshe Michael Roach introduces the ‘five heaps’ or skandhas, which are the components that make up a person in Buddhist thought, contrasting this with Western concepts of body and mind.
Buddhist Psychology: The class provides insight into Buddhist psychology, discussing the 51 mental functions and their role in creating our experiences.
Triggers of Samsara: The concept of samsara is explained, with a focus on the ‘two-part trigger’ of feelings and discrimination that leads to the cycle of rebirth.

Class 5: The Path of the Bodhisattva – Vows for a Compassionate Life

Bodhisattva Vows: The final class centers on the Bodhisattva vows, with a step-by-step guide through the vow-taking ceremony and the importance of these vows in the Buddhist path.
Commitment to Enlightenment: Participants are led through the commitment to enlightenment, emphasizing the dedication required to follow the Bodhisattva path.
Transmission of Teachings: The responsibility of passing on the teachings is underscored, with Geshe Michael Roach stressing the importance of sharing the wisdom received with others.

Сессия 15 “Дебаты ангела с дьяволом”: Вступая в наш следующий мир (2022, Аризона)

Мы продолжаем изучение эпической поэмы под названием “Дебаты ангела с дьяволом”, написанной Его Святейшеством Первым Панчен-ламой Лобсангом Чуки Гьелценом около 400 лет назад.


Сессия 15 “Дебаты ангела с дьяволом”: Вступая в наш следующий мир (PDF)


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我們繼續學習史詩《天使與魔鬼之辯》,這首詩是由一世班禪喇嘛洛桑·曲 吉·堅贊在大約 400 年前寫的。

我們繼續學習史詩《天使與魔鬼之辯》,這首詩是由一世班禪喇嘛洛桑·曲 吉·堅贊在大約 400 年前寫的。

格西麥克羅琦將會有兩天對空性進行特別的教授。 教學內容直接取自與《天使與惡魔之辯》,這是第一世班禪喇嘛(1565-1662)所撰寫的古老藏文對空性的教授。並且文本極其風趣和深奧。它能幫助我們獲得此生與來世的成功




我们继续学习史诗《天使与魔鬼之辩》,这首诗是由一世班禅喇嘛洛桑·曲 吉·坚赞在大约 400 年前写的。





Chúng ta tiếp tục với nghiên cứu của chúng ta về bài thơ sử thi có tựa đề là “Thiên Thần Tranh Luận Với Ác Quỷ,” được viết bởi Đức Panchen Lama Thứ Nhất, Lobsang Chukyi Gyeltsen, vào khoảng 400 năm trước.


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Sesión 16 de «El Ángel debate con el Diablo» (2022, Arizona)

Continuamos con nuestro estudio del poema épico titulado «El Ángel debate con el Diablo», escrito por Su Santidad el Primer Panchen Lama, Lobsang Chukyi Gyeltsen, hace aproximadamente 400 años.


Esta es una lista de reproducción de video, que comienza con la ultima clase publicada. Solo da un click para el siguiente video y videos adicionales de la serie.


Folge 16 von “Der Engel deba�iert mit dem Teufel” (2022, Arizona)

Wir se�en unser Studium des epischen Gedichts “Der Engel deba�iert mit dem Teufel” fort, das von Seiner Heiligkeit dem Ersten Panchen Lama, Lobsang Chukyi Gyeltsen, vor etwa 400 Jahren geschrieben wurde.


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Sesi 16 dari “Malaikat Mendebat Iblis” (2022, Arizona)

Kita melanjutkan studi tentang puisi epik berjudul “Malaikat Mendebat Iblis,” ditulis oleh Yang Mulia Panchen Lama Pertama, Lobsang Chukyi Gyeltsen, sekitar 400 tahun yang lalu.



Partea 16: Îngerul se ceartă cu diavolul (2022, Arizona)

Un dialog între bine șI rău care se întâmplă în mintea noastră

Geshe michael roach va oferi două zile de învățături speciale despre meditație șI natura minții. Aceste învățături sunt preluate direct din lucrarea îngerul dezbate cu diavolul, un dialog între bine șI rău care se întâmplă în mintea noastră, de lobsang chukyi gyeltsen. Textul este în acelașI timp extrem de amuzant șI extrem de profund, deoarece dezvăluie modalitățile complicate prin care mintea noastră ne înșeală, făcându-ne să credem că gândim șI acționăm într-un mod care de fapt ne ajută. Această învățătură ne va ajuta să descoperim argumentele seducătoare ale diavolului din mintea noastră cu scopul de a avea succes în această viață șI pentru a învăța cum să ne dezvoltăm abilitățile necesare pentru a înfrunta orice obstacol.

Numele tradițional al textului nostru este an argument with tendency to think that things are real. A fost scris de lobsang chukyi gyeltsen, care a trăit între 1565-1662. El a fost mai presus de toate un extraordinar practicant, gânditor șI contemplator; un yoghin; un poet șI scriitor printre cei mai mari care au trăit vreodată șI un pacifist înflăcărat care a oprit odată un război de unul singur, ieșind între armatele opuse.

Ceea ce este uimitor este că — atunci când ascultăm pe diavol șI înger dezbătând — deodată începem să obțim noi idei despre cum funcționează lumea în jurul nostru: de ce ni se întâmplă lucrurile așa cum ni se întâmplă, de ce întâlnim anumițI oameni. Până la finalul dezbaterii, vom avea suficiente informații pe care trebuie să le știm pentru a ne schimba propria viață — pentru a fi mai fericițI șI pentru a-I face fericițI șI pe cei din jurul nostru.