Idims: Дар Освобождения 38: Стать Бодхисаттвой: Шаги К Созданию Более Доброго Мира

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Внимание: чтобы сделать это еще более мощным инструментом обучения, мы связали каждое изображение с точным временем в видео, где геше Майкл объясняет важную идею. Вы можете просто нажать на каждый Idim, и он откроет видео в точном месте.

Idim 38.1: Visiting the middle of the sun

Idim 38.2: The honor of the name

Idim 38.3: Good birds, but the sun

Idim 38.4: Even a coffee, and even unknown

Idim 38.5: Better than picking up stones

Idim 38.6: The fastest way to get a stain out

Idim 38.7: A city in the sun

Idim 38.8: A secure place to sit

Idim 38.9: Suddenly, in the sun at the top

Idim 38.10: The quiet fertile valley

Idim 38.11: The dharma of taking a walk

Idim 38.12: The practice in the palm of our hands

Idim 38.13: The most important one of all

Idim 38.14: Where there’s smoke

Idim 38.15: In the end, to prove a person who cannot lie, for things we cannot see

Idim 38.16: The living breath and eyes

Idim 38.17: Chemicals: not, it would be all

Idim 38.18: What is holding it up? See with the eyes of clear thinking that something solid is there

Idim 38.19: What accounts for the variety of things growing out of the same medium?

Idim 38.20: And the same for different flavors of children

Idim 38.21: More than the coloring from the current senses

Idim 38.22: In fact, the supporting goes the other way

Idim 38.23: Happily giving an eye; so the eye is not the support

Idim 38.24: Let’s face it: something hard to think about

Idim 38.25: Where did the water first start? Lakes, clouds, & ouroboros

Idim 38.26: It’s just the odds

Idim 38.27: One worm, enough mothers

Idim 38.28: Not a single corner of the universe

Idim 38.29: Take care of this oxygen giver

Idim 38.30: Expanding the circle

Idim 38.31: Looks can be deceiving

Idim 38.32: The Arhatess of the Sapphire Lotus

Idim 38.33: The river and the wolf

Idim 38.34: Naked pain to arhat: mistakes make a teacher

Idim 38.35: Prajapati, Destroyer of the Enemy, The Lady of All Beings

Idim 38.36: These are still your jeans

Idim 38.37: A tender meeting with an ant

Idim 38.38: The intense caring started from the inside

Idim 38.39: Her biggest achievement: getting us here, to the Lam Rim

Idim 38.40: A newborn on her fingertips: another proof of karma

Idim 38.41: Even in her sleep

Idim 38.42: What I would have been

Idim 38.43: Anything for money

Idim 38.44: The instincts of a mother

Idim 38.45: Giving up her own food

Idim 38.46: Which one was I?

Idim 38.47: Stuffed in a steel cage

Idim 38.48: Would you help her from a fire?

Idim 38.49: The honor & responsibility of saving a life

Idim 38.50: The code of living kind: a gift in return

Idim 38.51: My mother with a knife

Idim 38.52: My feelings for my only child

Idim 38.53: From here, we’re on autopilot

Idim 38.54: Three steps to loving

Idim 38.55: Arya Nagarjuna’s Six-in-One

Idim 38.56: Work hard to keep the total vision

Idim 38.57: Jumping off from here to equal & exchange

Idim 38.58: A trip to the True Thought

Idim 38.59: The root of two roots

Idim 38.60: Compassion: seed, water, and tasty fruit

Idim 38.61: Working backwards from Enlightenment: Why did Master Chandrakirti give a root for two roots??

Idim 38.62: Compassion: seed, water, and tasty fruit

Idim 38.63: What brings the speed? And why?

Idim 38.64: The difference between your Mom & Dad, and your relatives

Idim 38.65: Short cut to compassion

Idim 38.66: Not the slightest difference

Idim 38.67: The closest thing in this world

Idim 38.68: The lie of people who seem to be doing okay

Idim 38.69: Compassion for her future

Idim 38.70: Special attention to the unlovable

Idim 38.71: When you know you have it, over coffee

Idim 38.72: The difference between pulling away, and protecting

Idim 38.73: Building on first steps

Idim 38.74: A slight difference in loves

Idim 38.75: The majesty of responsibility

Idim 38.76: The decision to sell or not