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Here is a translation which will cover the signs and marks of a Buddha in three parts: the original verses which present them; how they are grouped together; and where they come from and what they represent.

Below you will find the links to download the file in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Russian.

A. The original verses

Here are the original verses which describe the signs and marks of the paradise body of an Enlightened Being, from The Jewel of Realizations, spoken by Lord Maitreya and written down by Arya Asanga around 350AD. For the translation we have relied heavily on the presentation of Master Quicksilver, Ngulchu Dharma Bhadra (1772-1851), in his Key to the Door of Faith—as well as occasional reference for hard parts to the original Sanskrit, the 1929 Leningrad edition of Stcherbatsky & Obermiller.

B. How they are grouped together

Here is how the 80 beautiful marks are related to the 32 major signs of a Buddha, according to the great Mongolian master Chuje Ngawang Pelden, who was born in 1806 and is famous for his outline of the Diamond Way. This is excerpted from A Lamp that Illuminates, Totally, the Meaning of the Great Mother, his commentary to The Jewel.

C. What causes the signs, and what they mean

Here is some information about what causes the signs and marks, and what they mean. It’s from A Lamp which Illuminates the Hidden Meaning, composed of notes to a teaching by the great Konchok Tenpay Drunme of Gungtang (1762-1823), an illustrious thinker from east Tibet. Please note that the version of this text that we have is obviously corrupt, and some words cannot be discerned, although almost all the points are clear. He is obviously though referencing the great commentary on the Jewel written by the Indian sage Haribhadra, which helps to decipher the carving.

English Translation

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Russian Translation

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