Idims: Món Quà của Sự Giải Thoát 39: Thúc Đẩy Lòng Từ Bi Của Bạn: Hoán Đổi Bản Thân Với Những Người Khác (2022, Arizona)

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Chú ý: Để làm cho công cụ nghiên cứu này trở nên mạnh mẽ hơn nữa, chúng tôi đã liên kết từng hình ảnh với thời gian chính xác trong video nơi Geshe Michael giải thích ý tưởng quan trọng. Bạn chỉ cần nhấp vào từng Idim và nó sẽ mở video ở vị trí chính xác.

Idim 39.1: You are beloved & protected

Idim 39.2: You feel joy

Idim 39.3: Nothing works against you

Idim 39.4: You accomplish the things you want to

Idim 39.5: Getting an idea

Idim 39.6: The two options

Idim 39.7: A doubt: I cannot take care even of one

Idim 39.8: But neither can anyone else, really

Idim 39.9: The difference between your palm and the sky

Idim 39.10: Beyond all fear

Idim 39.11: Agile savior

Idim 39.12: A wag for everybody

Idim 39.13: Everybody’s waitress, regardless of the tip

Idim 39.14: Wanting to work for others

Idim 39.15: Our eyes on the goal

Idim 39.16: Those sweetest words

Idim 39.17: No choice but to

Idim 39.18: A mix of helpless & vision

Idim 39.19: Complete with all the necessary channels

Idim 39.20: The way of the diamond

Idim 39.21: Any 3 years of my life

Idim 39.22: An unexpected boost!

Idim 39.23: Stinky meditation!

Idim 39.24: Unlikely to meet again

Idim 39.25: Something to do before we lose this mind

Idim 39.26: A time to focus on ourselves, for everyone

Idim 39.27: Imagining those planets several times a day

Idim 39.28: The sugarcane skin version

Idim 39.29: The end and the beginning of a journey

Idim 39.30: The daughter & son of the Enlightened Ones

Idim 39.31: Reinforcements for the ultimate victory

Idim 39.32: Division by nature: decision, and starting

Idim 39.33: Moving on to equal & exchange

Idim 39.34: Adding more power with the exchange

Idim 39.35: The lojong equation: Equal/exchange + giving/taking = lojong

Idim 39.36: Developing the good heart: The real meaning of “lojong”

Idim 39.37: The ultimate secret: can you guess why?

Idim 39.38: Something too much for the vessel of the mind

Idim 39.39: Massively more help

Idim 39.40: The sealed years

Idim 39.41: The hybrid years

Idim 39.42: The open years

Idim 39.43: Offering the profit

Idim 39.44: The power of the lineage; are you ready?

Idim 39.45: The leper’s Dharma

Idim 39.46: The Seven Points

Idim 39.47: The essence of nectar

Idim 39.48: A spark in the dark

Idim 39.49: Using a torque wrench

Idim 39.50: Why do we do an offering of praise?

Idim 39.51: The two foundation steps are the same

Idim 39.52: Mr. Elephant Cloak and over-eager emptiness

Idim 39.53: The Great Biographer

Idim 39.54: The boy of love who was the daughter

Idim 39.55: Maitri dancing

Idim 39.56: The whip of love

Idim 39.57: Getting started on equal rights

Idim 39.58a: None of us wants the least bit of pain

Idim 39.58b: The Three Treasures: A Buddhist Prayer Book

Idim 39.58c: Diamond Cutter Classics eBook Collection

Idim 39.58d: King of the Dharma: The Illustrated Life of Je Tsongkapa

Idim 39.59: Two wishes that make us all equal

Idim 39.60: Also when she was not my Mom

Idim 39.61: Considering the balance

Idim 39.62: Worst of the chronic diseases

Idim 39.63: The Great Mistake of trying to make myself happy

Idim 39.64: What possible use?

Idim 39.65: Tracing the blame back

Idim 39.66: The simple cause of terrible rebirths

Idim 39.67: What actually upset the balance of your nutrients

Idim 39.68: What actually upsets your mental & physical rhythms

Idim 39.69: What upsets the powerful people

Idim 39.70: “Whatever you like”

Idim 39.71: Even the tiny losses

Idim 39.72: Sickness of the food

Idim 39.73: Accused of anything we didn’t do

Idim 39.74: An evil kind of farmer

Idim 39.75: The ultimate loser

Idim 39.76: Someone best to be quiet around

Idim 39.77: An unstoppable evil omen

Idim 39.78: The best place to put your tormas

Idim 39.79: Evil spirits: there are such things, both as the two cherishings, and harmful beings

Idim 39.80: Even seeming accidents

Idim 39.81: The exhausting effort to serve myself first

Idim 39.82: A crucial distinction that isn’t there that much

Idim 39.83: Existing, & cherished

Idim 39.84: Is it wrong to want ourselves to be happy? The measure of wrong here

Idim 39.85: Decide on the enemy and treat them accordingly

Idim 39.86: Just serving someone a glass of juice

Idim 39.87: A door to infinite personal achievements

Idim 39.88: The real source of the purest water

Idim 39.89: Source as well of the ten good deeds

Idim 39.90: Pumping up our perfections

Idim 39.91: Observe the difference in the people around us

Idim 39.92: We started out exactly the same

Idim 39.93: Time to admit the failure

Idim 39.94: Time to admit the success

Idim 39.95: Identifying the real enemy; something we can use right now

Idim 39.96: A pleasant failure

Idim 39.97: Your lap: a good place to throw it

Idim 39.98: Could I serve my flesh?