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During the this week-long teaching retreat which was held in Guadalajara, Mexico, Geshe Michael Roach lead us through the section of this great text about the importance of having a teacher to guide you along the spiritual path.

This intensive week of teachings is meant to give us all the ancient secrets for having a successful meditation practice, and then learning how to integrate these deep teachings in a very practical way in our everyday life. This teaching included guided meditations and lectures.

In this course series, we have been working our way through A Gift of Liberation, one of the greatest spiritual classics of Tibet, written by Pabongka Rinpoche (1878-1941), teacher of the teacher of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. This text is an A to Z of Enlightenment—a Lam-Rim, or Steps to Enlightenment—and so far we have been carefully studying how to meditate, and how to prepare for a meditation. During this teaching we will continue a major landmark in this spiritual undertaking: the actual Steps of the Path.

These steps begin with learning how to find our spiritual teacher, and how to interact with them, in a tradition which has flourished for the last 25 centuries.

Taught in english, interpreted en español.

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Course Materials

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Classes on Pabongka Rinpoche’s A Gift of Liberation taught by Geshe Michael Roach. (Las clases en Pabongka Rinpoche Un Regalo de Liberación impartidos por Geshe Michael Roach)

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Guided Meditations

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Meditation Seven

Meditation Eight with Q&A

Meditation Nine with Q&A

Meditation Ten with Q&A

Meditation Eleven with Q&A

Meditation Twelve with Q&A

Meditation Thirteen

Meditation Fourteen

Q&A with Geshe Michael Roach (Q&A con Gueshe Michael Roach)

Q&A One

Q&A Two

Q&A Three

Q&A Four

Q&A Five