A Gift of Liberation 12: Master Magnet Retreat (2013, Prescott)

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Bringing a Master into Our Life

We want peace in our life, and we want our life to count. We are not here for long. A big part of having a happy life, and a life which is meaningful, is to find a true Master who can guide us as we travel through life. Buddhism has always recognized this fact, and over the last 2,000 years has developed special techniques for finding and bonding with a real Master. This is in fact considered the first and most crucial step to enlightenment.

In this course series, we have been working our way through A Gift of Liberation, one of the greatest spiritual classics of Tibet, written by Pabongka Rinpoche (1878-1941), teacher of the teacher of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This text is an A to Z of Enlightenment—a Lam-Rim, or Steps to Enlightenment—and so far we have been carefully studying how to meditate, and how to prepare for a meditation.

During this retreat’s teachings we will be reaching a major landmark in this spiritual undertaking: we will begin the actual Steps of the Path. These steps begin with learning how to find our spiritual Master, and how to interact with them, in a tradition which has flourished for the last 25 centuries.

The retreat features a group of senior Buddhist teachers and will be led by Geshe Michael Roach, who is the author of The Diamond Cutter and the first American to be awarded the Geshe degree, or Master of Buddhism, from a Tibetan monastery.

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This retreat is a continuation of Lam Rim Series Retreat 6. You can view the previous course materials under that course. This will now pick up where that course left off.

Love with Nothing It Sees — The Mantra of Je Tsongkapa

Download: Love with Nothing It Sees — The Mantra of Je Tsongkapa

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Love with Nothing It Sees — The Mantra of Je Tsongkapa


Classes on Pabongka Rinpoche’s A Gift of Liberation taught by Geshe Michael Roach

Class One

Class Two

Class Three

Class Four

Class Five

Class Six

Class Seven

Class Eight

Class Nine

Class Ten

Class Eleven

Class Twelve

Class Thirteen

Class Fourteen

Guided Meditations with Geshe Michael Roach

Meditation One

Meditation Two

Meditation Three

Meditation Four

Meditation Five

Meditation Six

Meditation Seven

Meditation Eight

Meditation Nine

Meditation Ten

Meditation Eleven

Meditation Twelve

Meditation Thirteen

Meditation Fourteen

Meditation Fifteen

Meditation Sixteen

Q&A with Geshe Michael Roach

Q&A Session One

Q&A Session Two

Q&A Session Three

Q&A Session Four

Classes Taught by Guest Teachers

The Lam-Rim Lineage in a Visual Image with Nick Lashaw

Morning Meditation and The Magic of Empty Teachers with Rob Haggerty

The Three Spheres During a Virtuous Act with Mercedes Bahleda