Instant Retraining for the New World: Stop Coping. Start Succeeding (2010, Los Angeles)

The old world is gone. Companies, banks, entire countries and economies are changing. The Office as we know it is being replaced by The Internet.

It’s a whole new world, and we need a whole new way of succeeding in it.

Or maybe an ancient way. The Diamond Cutter is the oldest printed book in the world, and reached Tibet almost a thousand years ago. Now millions of people around the globe are using its wisdom to succeed in the new world—to find their dreams, whether it be financial prosperity, good health, or a great relationship.

We can start your retraining for the new world, a whole new way of looking at things that empowers you not only to cope with the changes, but ride them to a new peak in your career and your personal life.

Here’s an “instant” version of this training, to get you off to a fresh start in the new world.

Part One

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Part Two

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