The Yoga of Infinite Love: The Ultimate Protection to Eliminate All Obstacles (2005, Tucson)

Here is a short talk which was excerpted from a lecture by Geshe Michael Roach during the Tibetan Heart Yoga Series 3 Teacher Training.

The subject of this talk is what’s called The Four Infinite Thoughts. This is a very interesting teaching because these Four Infinite Thoughts are one of the important links between the ancient yoga traditions of India, and the yoga traditions of Tibet. They are the footprints which give us a clue that these two lineages were once one.

Below you’ll find the audio file along with the accompanying transcript, reading materials, and answer keys. We also listed a link to a related guided meditation found elsewhere on The Knowledge Base website to help deepen your practice of the ideas introduced in this talk.


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The Yoga of Infinite Love: The Ultimate Protection to Eliminate All Obstacles

Reading Excerpts

Reading Excerpts
Relevant reading excerpts extracted from The Yoga Sutra by Master Patanjali and a full description of the Four Infinite Thoughts from Fulfilling the Hopes of those with the Needed Goodness: Notes on the Practice of Transference, and a General Confession, relating to the “Lama Practice of Indivisible Bliss and Voidness,” by Master Ngulchu Dharma Bhadra (1772- 1851)

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Options for Further Study

To deepen your study on many of the topics introduced in this lecture, please refer to the following guided meditation on The Knowledge Base:

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Four Infinite Thoughts Guided Meditation (2010, Scottsdale, Geshe Michael Roach)