This Course is based upon The Commentary on the True Intention of the Sutras (Dode Gong Drel) and The Sutra Requested by the Arya Named Never- Ending Wisdom (Pakpa Lodru Misepe Shupay Do) by Shakyamuni Buddha, with a commentary from The Essence of Eloquence on the Art of Interpretation (Drange Lekshe Nyingpo) by Je Tsongkapa (1357- 1419).

Topics include: The importance of evaluating spiritual teachings, how to interpret when spiritual teachings are literal or figurative, how to evaluate apparently conflicting teachings, a summary of the teachings Lord Buddha gave in each of the three Turnings of the Wheel of the Dharma, the goal of each of the three Turnings of the Wheel, an explanation of the ideas held by each of the main schools of Buddhism, ultimate reality (emptiness) according to each of the schools, the three progressively higher understandings of emptiness, the three attributes of reality, a comparison of the Mind- Only School and the Middle- Way School explanations of emptiness and dependent origination, how to use an understanding of emptiness to stop all your suffering, and how to stop your aging and death by stopping your ignorance.

Course Materials

Course Materials




Class One: Testing the Buddha’s Word

Class Two: The Three Attributes of the Mind-Only School

Class Three: The Last Four Things the Buddha Didn’t Mean

Class Four: How the Three Attributes of the Mind-Only School Define Each Other

Class Five: All About the Three Turnings of the Wheel of the Dharma

Class Six: When is Turning the Wheel Not

Class Seven: Two Extremes in the Mind-Only School

Class Eight: Important Clarifications of the Mind-Only School

Class Nine: Detailed Presentation of Emptiness According to the Independent Group of the Middle-Way School

Class Ten: The Ultimate Viewpoint

Class Eleven: Summary of the Mind-Only School and Course Review