This Course is the third in a three part series based upon A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life (Bodhisattvacharya Avatara) by Master Shantideva (700 AD), and the commentary Entry Point for Children of the Victorious Buddhas (Gyalse Juk-ngok) by Gyaltsab Je (1364- 1432).

Topics include: An explanation of the perfection of wisdom; the purpose and benefit of realizing emptiness; how to perceive emptiness directly; proofs of emptiness; the two types of emptiness; the emptiness of the body; the emptiness of the mind; the emptiness of feelings; the emptiness of functioning things; the emptiness of the three elements; wrong ideas about emptiness; the meaning of illusion; dependent origination; the two truths; the nature of ultimate reality; wrong ideas we have about existence; kinds of mental afflictions; the six steps which produce all the pain in the world; the five heaps; the three types of compassion; the importance of requesting blessings; the importance of dedicating good deeds; and how to reach nirvana and enlightenment. It is recommended that you study Parts I & II prior to studying Part III.

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Class One: Making Contact with Ultimate Reality

Class Two: How to Turn a Pot of Tea Into the Nectar of Immortality

Class Three: The Meaning of Illusion

Class Four: Seeing Emptiness Directly and Removing Your Mental Afflictions

Class Five: Where Dees the World Came From?

Class Six: Establishing the Emptiness of Parts

Class Seven: Examining the Emptiness of Your Feelings

Class Eight: Why Do Things Work?

Class Nine: The Emptiness of Causes

Class Ten: Love, Compassion and Emptiness

Class Eleven: Course Review