The fifteen Formal Study Courses cover the main ideas of the entire course of study followed by a Tibetan monk-scholar (or geshe) at one of the great monasteries of Tibet. The three-part Great Ideas series summarizes all fifteen ACI Courses, along with the teachings of the traditional training of a Tibetan Buddhist Master. In part one, we cover the first five ACI Courses: The Principal Teachings of Buddhism, Buddhist Refuge, Applied Meditation, Proof of Future Lives, and How Karma Works. The first half of each class in this Course was taught by Geshe Michael, and the second half of each class occurred in smaller study groups. Therefore, only the first half of each class is recorded in the audio portion of this series.

Course Materials

Course Materials




Class One: The Principal Teachings of Buddhism, Part One

Class Two: The Principal Teachings of Buddhism, Part Two

Class Three: Buddhist Refuge, Part One

Class Four: Buddhist Refuge, Part Two

Class Five: Applied Meditation, Part One

Class Six: Applied Meditation, Part Two

Class Seven: The Proof of Future Lives

Class Eight: Why You Don’t Stop When You Die

Class Nine: Karma and Abhidharma

Class Ten: How Karma Works

Class Eleven: How Buddhism Will Be in America