Life is like this. You are driving you car down the street at dusk. Suddenly you see a kitten scurrying across the road. You slam on the brakes—it almost sends everybody through the windshield. You look out to see if you hit the kitten or not, and suddenly you realize that it wasn’t a kitten at all, just a tree leaf being blown across the street.​

We come across lots of problems and challenges in life, and we try to do the right thing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But what if we’ve just been seeing everything the wrong way? Could a little shift in how we see things fix our life forever?

Come listen about a simple path to happiness that might fit your life just right. In two nights we’ll be exploring ancient wisdom from Tibet, direct from a wonderful spiritual poem written by the first Panchen Lama three centuries ago. Stop slamming on the brakes—let your life run smooth.​

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