During the last two years, in silent retreats at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, we’ve learned and meditated upon the great ideas of the Diamond Cutter Sutra. We’ve used the ancient Indian commentary of Master Kamalashila, with secrets that haven’t been explored for over a thousand years. In the final teaching of this series, the Buddha answers five mysterious questions from his student, Subhuti. Somewhere in the answers to all these questions is the key to getting everything we want in our life. We’ll explore the inside of our minds during the all-day retreat, following a daily, dawn session, exploring these questions. You’ll also learn new parts of the Lion’s Dance that we’ve never covered before to go deeper.
Returning to New York City, Geshe Michael Roach presents Kamalashila’s surprise ending to the Diamond Cutter and teach us how to develop five different sets of eyes, so that we can see far beyond what we see ordinarily see. Amazingly, Kamalashila also predicts the arising of the worldview of science: a belief held and ingrained so deeply by many across the globe that we aren’t even aware we have it. In a few brilliant pages, he shatters this worldview, and replaces it with a way of looking at the world which will lead to a planet of peace and enlightenment.
In this final course of Master Kamalashila: Meditations on the Diamond Cutter Sutra, Geshe Michael Roach teaches the deepest meanings of ultimate reality and how to reach those states using a series of meditations from Master Kamalashila's commentary. Each meditation is designed to increase and stabilize our understanding, step-by-step.
This is the second in a four-part series based on Master Kamalashila’s commentary on the Diamond Cutter Sutra led by Geshe Michael Roach. This retreat provided a unique opportunity to delve deeply into rarely taught meditations on emptiness. The retreat consisted of morning sessions led by Geshe Michael Roach followed by individual practice in the student's private retreat cabin.
Meditations for the rest of your life? Yes, meditation can change your relationships, your career, and your life! How does this happen? Geshe Michael Roach taught this series of short, powerful meditations from Master Kamalashila at the Lincoln Center in February, 2016.
This is a 2 day teaching that Geshe Michael recently gave in Taiwan on Master Kamalashila's Commentary to The Diamond Cutter Sutra. Please check below for the audio and video of the teaching and the accompanying meditations. There are also images for each of the 25 meditations that were designed to follow the content of the text. There's also a link to download all those meditation images to your phone or tablet and have them available to do your daily meditations.