Master Kamalashila Meditations on the Diamond Cutter Sutra, Part 5 – The Honor of Being A Teenager (2018, Arizona)

During the last two years, in silent retreats at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, we’ve learned and meditated upon the great ideas of the Diamond Cutter Sutra. We’ve used the ancient Indian commentary of Master Kamalashila, with secrets that haven’t been explored for over a thousand years.

In the final teaching of this series, the Buddha answers five mysterious questions from his student, Subhuti:

1) How do I build a Buddha paradise?

2) Is the Diamond Cutter Sutra a book, or an idea?

3) How can you write if the pen never touches the paper?

4) How did I help make the Buddha get enlightened, before I even met him?

5) Should I say I know, when I do, or say I don’t?

Somewhere in the answers to all these questions is the key to getting everything we want in our life. We’ll explore the inside of our minds during the all-day retreat, following a daily, dawn session, exploring these questions. You’ll also learn new parts of the Lion’s Dance that we’ve never covered before to go deeper.

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