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In this 10-year training, which is currently underway, we’re learning the details of deep meditation and all the steps of spiritual practice, from baby-steps all the way to enlightenment, from one of the greatest teachings on meditation ever given: a book called A Gift of Liberation, Thrust into the Palms of Our Hands.

During this retreat you will learn a special practice called Death Meditation. This is a Buddhist practice to help you prioritize your life, and learn to focus your energy each day on doing the what’s most beneficial to others and best for your own heart and mind. Here’s a short video introduction in which Geshe Michael describes this amazing practice.

Please note: we’re still in the process of editing and preparing the content for this retreat, but due to many requests we’ll continue to update as we finish each piece and not wait until it’s all complete. Please keep checking back for updates.




Class 1 Audio

Course Materials

Retreat Meditations (English Only)

Appreciation Retreat Meditations (English Only)


Retreat Meditations (Español)

Appreciation Retreat Meditations (Español)


“欣赏“闭关的冥想 (中文)

“欣赏“闭关的冥想 (English & 中文)