Me as Buddha: What Will I Be Like? (2012, New York)

Nirvana means “blowing out” our negative emotions, forever. Reaching a truly pure and peaceful mind. But life doesn’t end with nirvana! After that, we have to continue on all the way to becoming a fully Enlightened Being. A lot of times though our mind gets stuck here.

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What exactly will I be like, when I turn into a Buddha? Can I still relate to friends and family? Will my favorite pair of jeans still fit?

During this special teaching by Geshe Michael Roach, we’ll find out exactly what we’ll be like when we get to this highest goal. We’ll be hearing about the Four Forms and the Five Wisdoms of a Buddha—the body and mind that we will have when we Get There—and just how, in practical terms, this will change our life on this planet.

And we’ll also answer the jeans question.