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In the last course in this series Lam Rim Series Course 3: Finding What We Were Always Meant to Be continuing our ten-year journey through Pabongka Rinpoche’s Gift of Liberation, an important spiritual classic from Tibet. We learned how to look deep inside ourselves to find that vein of pure gold—the one thing that we were always meant to do, and to be. And then we are no longer tired or bored with our life: we feel a sudden joy in finding our one true purpose.

Now for ten days we take what we’ve learned into retreat and Geshe Michael will lead us in a review of the techniques from ancient scripture that we’ve learned for finding our passion, and then we’ll go inside during special guided meditation sessions to uncover this passion.

Course Materials

Retreat Schedule


Opening Ritual

Lama Chupa

Classes on Pabongka Rinpoche’s A Gift of Liberation taught by Geshe Michael Roach.

Class One

Class Two

Class Three

Class Four

Class Five

Class Six

Class Seven

Class Eight

Class Nine

Class Ten

Class Eleven

Class Twelve

Class Thirteen

Class Fourteen

Class Fifteen

Class Sixteen

Guided Meditations with Geshe Michael Roach

Meditation One

Meditation Two

Meditation Three

Meditation Four

Meditation Five

Meditation Six

Meditation Seven

Meditation Eight

Meditation Nine

Meditation Ten

Meditation Eleven

Meditation Twelve

Meditation Thirteen

Meditation Fourteen

Q&A with Geshe Michael Roach

Q&A Session 1

Q&A Session 2

Q&A Session 3

Q&A Session 4

Q&A Session 5

Lady Niguma’s Yoga with Geshe Michael Roach

Yoga – Day One

Yoga – Day Two

Yoga – Day Three

Other Tidbits with Geshe Michael Roach

How to do a Real Sojong (Confession & Rejoicing Ceremony)

Classes with Other Teachers

Food, Awareness, & Youth with Anatole Nguyen

Je Tsongkapa Ritual & Meditation with Nancy Carin

Yoga with Nicole Vigna

Meditation with Jarret Levine

Creativity Workshop: “My Secrets to Creativity in Dance,”, Part 1 with Elisa Monte

Meditation with Naomi Worth

Je Tsongkapa Ritual & Meditation with Rob Haggerty

Meditation with Mira Shani

Creativity Class: Kedrup Je’s “Clear Thinking,” with Venerable Lobsang Nyingpo

Creativity Class: The “Sutra of the Wise Woman,” with Mercedes Bahleda