Cover from a Prajnaparamita Manuscript: Buddha with Bodhisattvas and Monks

Daily Practice Series Course 08: The Heart Sutra, A Meditation on Emptiness (2000, Soquel)

The Heart Sutra is one of the most popular prayers in Buddhism. It contains seemingly mystical, impenetrable verses that describe how reality does exist, and the way in which it does not exist. This meditation penetrates into the real meaning of the sutra, which describes how our very nature, including our bodies, minds and identities are not what they appear to be. We meditate on the very nature of ultimate reality (emptiness) to discover where things come from and how they really exist. This is an excellent introductory overview meditation on emptiness. This topic was covered twice, each time with a different emphasis, and both versions have been provided.

This course was taught by Geshe Michael Roach in Soquel, CA in the spring of 2000. All audio and reading materials are located below.

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Course Materials

Course Materials


Class 1: Introduction to the Heart Sutra

Class 2: Setting the Scene at Vulture’s Peak

Class 3: Shariputra Pops the Question

Class 4: The Real Meaning of the Heart Sutra

Class 5: The Emptiness of your Mind in the Heart Sutra

Class 6: Changing into a Body of Light

Class 7: Keeping One-Day Vows in a Normal American Life

Class 8: The Meaning of the Mantra in the Heart Sutra