TKB Custom Search Engine

The following is a Google custom search engine that will be very useful to users of TKB who want to go deeper in their study and practice. This is using Google custom search, so you can use any of Google’s advanced search operators.

If you’re not familiar with these advanced search operators here’s a tutorial. For this tutorial, I tested every advanced search operator I could think of that would be useful for TKB users, and gave specific examples of how they can used with the TKB Custom Search Engine. You can click on each example and it will pull up that search. If you’ve never searched using advanced search operators it will make your searches much more targeted and make your regular old searches seem laughably basic in comparison.

TKB Text and 10,000 Books of Wisdom Custom Search

Search all the text files (pdf, doc, etc.) in The Knowledge Base archive. Instead of just searching the website text, this will allow you to search all of the content for any of the linked documents on the website, which include course readings, translations, homework, answer keys, notes, and transcripts.

In addition to searching all of the text files in the TKB archive, this custom search engine will also search the translations of the 10,000 Books of Wisdom translation project.

The aim of this project is to translate hundreds of thousands of pages of Buddhist literature into modern languages. Since the blossoming of Buddhism in Tibet, no less than 200,000 pages of brilliant commentary have been composed by masters and scholars in the Tibetan language. In this ongoing series of courses, which we’ve recently started to organize and can be seen here on the TKB website, Geshe Michael has been training and guiding a team of young translators to translate these great classics. First stage is to translate these great classics into English and from there they can be easily translated into modern Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian and many other languages.

Hint: After you search and open up your chosen document you’ll have to search again within that document to find the exact location. Control+F, or Command+F on a Mac, or however your particular mobile browser allows you to search in page.