Meditations for the rest of your life? Yes, meditation can change your relationships, your career, and your life! How does this happen? Geshe Michael Roach taught this series of short, powerful meditations from Master Kamalashila at the Lincoln Center in February, 2016.
This is a 2 day teaching that Geshe Michael recently gave in Taiwan on Master Kamalashila's Commentary to The Diamond Cutter Sutra. Please check below for the audio and video of the teaching and the accompanying meditations. There are also images for each of the 25 meditations that were designed to follow the content of the text. There's also a link to download all those meditation images to your phone or tablet and have them available to do your daily meditations.
While at the top and in the teaching hall of this temple Geshe Michael gave a teaching on Master Kamilashila's commentary to The Diamond Cutter Sutra. There are two famous commentaries to The Diamond Cutter Sutra that were written in Sanskrit in India. This one by Master Kamalashila is one of them and was written around 750 A.D., the other was done by by Master Vasubandhu around 350 A.D.
The fifteen Formal Study Courses cover the main ideas of the entire course of study followed by a Tibetan monk-scholar (or geshe) at one of the great monasteries of Tibet. The three-part Great Ideas series summarizes all fifteen ACI Courses, along with the teachings of the traditional training of a Tibetan Buddhist Master. In part one, we cover the first five ACI Courses: The Principal Teachings of Buddhism, Buddhist Refuge, Applied Meditation, Proof of Future Lives, and How Karma Works.