If Buddhism is going to speak to those of us in the modern world, and those of us in the West in particular, you have to go through all of the points of Buddhism which we question. Is there a past life? Is there a future life? Can you really become enlightened in this lifetime? Can you really stop the aging process of the body? Can you really reach a heaven? Is there a soul or not? Can you prove it to somebody? There are questions that need to be emphasized for those of us in the modern world.

In these classes, and in the book, Geshe Michael emphasized the questions a modern Western person would have. Each topic is a problem about Buddhism that he had to work out over the course of his studies. These classes were amazing and make an excellent introduction to Buddhism.





Living an Ethical Life – Taught by John Stilwell


A Warrior’s Way of Life


The recordings that we do have are incomplete. We are trying to locate the additional classes in this series, and we’ll make them available here as soon as we can.

Course Materials

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