We are painters,
Painting each scene,
Then stepping into it
As we paint ourselves there.

It was never any other way;
this itself is Their very care.
Reach out to the left
To the light of a Diamond Sun.

Know though
That powerful hands move our own;
One thing decides pen or stick to chew on,
One thing decides the far and here,
The long away or now,
Lonely death or the company of Angels,
And that is kindness.

How kind? What edge?
How far from tongue to stomach?
How far too far?
How different too different?
How long ahead too long?

Do you expect me to feel responsible for
people on worlds
that neither I nor others have ever seen;
for those
who won’t even be born for ten months or
ten years
or ten thousand years?

Yes, it’s what you are here to do;
and they are not unseen nor unborn.
Reach ahead to the one who sees you,
Reach out to yourself.

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This course was taught by Geshe Michael Roach in 2001 during his three-year retreat. This was a silent retreat and Geshe Michael only broke silence to give occasional teachings. If you’re curious, that’s why his voice sounds the way it does in the recordings.

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