Postcards from Geshela, Part Three: Seeds (2011, New York)

In the previous 2 segments in this series, Postcards from Geshe La, Geshe Michael taught us about the core idea of Buddhism, which is called Emptiness, using his favorite example of a pen. The other core idea is what is traditionally referred to as Karma. As you’ll see in the video, you can think of these two core ideas as being totally indivisible: two sides of the same coin.

In this segment, Geshe Michael will begin teaching us about Karma, the knowledge we’ll need to begin consciously transforming ourselves and the world around us, using his favorite analogy of seeds.

Additional Resources to Further Your Understanding of Karma

If you like this teaching and want more detail on karma, the following resources are available to you on The Knowledge Base website:

Both ACI and Dharma Essentials course five have all the detail you’ll ever want to further your study about karma.

ACI Course 05: How Karma Works (1994, New York, Geshe Michael Roach)

Dharma Essentials Course 05: How Karma Works

Daily Practice course seven provides much more detail about the connection between karma and emptiness and how they interact to form you, your world, and all of its experiences.

Daily Practice Series Course 07: Marriage of Karma and Emptiness (1997, Indiana, Geshe Michael Roach)