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Turn off your laptop.
Put down your iPhone.
Learn to be quiet. For 10 days we’ll be learning all the tricks that it takes to have a peaceful and powerful meditation session, based on the Tibetan classic, Liberation in Your Hands written by the teacher of the teacher of the current Dalai Lama.

Learn to balance your inner life and your life on Facebook. Ten days of incredible teachings on how to meditate, directly from one of the greatest books ever written in Tibet. Plus awesome practice classes, beginner to advanced, to help you get started.

There will also be seminars on sustainable development and community outreach; numerous yoga and meditation classes of all levels; and an optional day of volunteer work at a soup kitchen and local homeless outreach center.




Homework 1 (PDF)

Homework 1 (DOC)

Homework 2 (PDF)

Homework 2 (DOC)

Homework 3 (PDF)

Homework 3 (DOC)

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