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We finish school and we blink and then we look around and we’re already stuck in a job and a relationship for ten years, feeling like there’s nowhere else to go; feeling like we’re not doing what we were meant to be doing, like we’re missing something; feeling like maybe it’s too late to change.

The fifth course in the Steps to Enlightenment Series helps you accomplish two different things:

1) Find out what you were always meant to be.

2) And then learn to become it.

As usual, there are two halves to the program. First we’ll spend 10 days together in Phoenix, Arizona, working our way carefully through the next section of Pabongka Rinpoche’s Gift of Liberation, one of Tibet’s greatest spiritual classics. In this course we’ll first go through ancient originals of teachings that give us the ability to be what we were always meant to be. We will learn to examine these teachings with seven different tests to see how they really will work for us.

Next we will study special techniques for looking into ourselves to find out what we were meant to be. These include mastering the art of devotion, both for our teacher and for what they teach us. And then we will begin six different steps, beginning with practices of the ancient Indian sage Sadasa Putra, for the meditation practices that bring out our true talent in life.

There will be a variety of additional practices and events to help you use this opportunity to make a breakthrough in discovering who you were always meant to be.

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