The four universal dreams: We’ve already mentioned briefly the four dreams that almost everyone has in their life. Believe me, the real reason that your students have come to your yoga class has something to do with one of these four dreams: financial security, a relationship with a good partner, staying young & healthy, and somehow being of service to the entire world.
If one task is to get people to come back to yoga class, another is to inspire them to do their yoga practice daily, if only for a short amount of time. Anyone who has truly gotten deep benefit out of yoga knows that this requires a daily practice—opening up the channels and chakras is really a lot easier with a modest, regular, daily practice. Here then are some tips for getting people to actually do a daily practice.
If they don’t come back, it doesn’t matter what you can teach. As a yoga teacher, we need to spend a lot of time thinking about how to make our class a pleasant, enjoyable, uplifting experience. The goal of having a class is to help the student. We can’t help them if they have an unpleasant experience in our class and don’t come back.