Idims: 第37期: 成為一位菩薩 創造更友善世界的步驟 (2021年,亞利桑那州)




為了使它成為一個更強大的學習工具,我們將每張圖片鏈接到視頻中 Geshe Michael 解釋重要思想的確切時間。 您只需單擊每個 Idim,它就會在精確位置打開視頻。

Idim 37.1: Making it on the tennis team

Idim 37.2: Handing us our degree

Idim 37.3: Not just a “bodhisattva”

Idim 37.4: Hope for all of us

Idim 37.5: A shifting skyscraper

Idim 37.6: Good birds, but the sun

Idim 37.7: The real thing, from the depths of the sea

Idim 37.8: The once & future King

Idim 37.9: From the ashes of a normal suffering life

Idim 37.10: The power even of fragments

Idim 37.11: The gold is not much compared to the diamond

Idim 37.12: Even a coffee, and even unknown

Idim 37.13: The best things take time, and hard work

Idim 37.14: The infinite power of hearing just once about the infinite

Idim 37.15: Connecting to the four spaces

Idim 37.16: The millionaire

Idim 37.17: An ancient precedent: honoring where we came from

Idim 37.18: Honoring what will be

Idim 37.19: Better than picking up stones

Idim 37.20: Gathering, cleaning, clearing

Idim 37.21: The alchemical elixir within the two collections

Idim 37.22:The difference between skin and living diamond

Idim 37.23: The eternal peach

Idim 37.24: Sparrows & McDonald’s fries

Idim 37.25: What is 1 x countless?

Idim 37.26: The tornado & the butter lamp

Idim 37.27: A delightful way to pile up good karma

Idim 37.28: Trying to fix a single headache

Idim 37.29: Meals for centuries

Idim 37.30: A ketchup stain to the middle of the sun

Idim 37.31: The power of the dog

Idim 37.32: A master climber on a treacherous mountain

Idim 37.33: A city in the sun

Idim 37.34: Just the idea of helping countless beings on countless planets

Idim 37.35: The machine behind the Diamond Way

Idim 37.36: The malfunction in the machine

Idim 37.37: The real secret to miraculous cures

Idim 37.38: The ultimate act of truth

Idim 37.39: A secure place to sit

Idim 37.40: The best of bodyguards

Idim 37.41: Fire alarms that might not work

Idim 37.42: The ultimate vaccination

Idim 37.43: What to do when spirits bother us

Idim 37.44: A gift of the latest electronics

Idim 37.45: Suddenly, in the sun at the top

Idim 37.46: An impossible flight

Idim 37.47: Not the end, not even the beginning

Idim 37.48: A drop of water

Idim 37.49: The quiet fertile valley

Idim 37.50: Our link to the Aryas

Idim 37.51: What is a “listener”?

Idim 37.52: How a listener passes on wisdom

Idim 37.53: The difference between literal and general names

Idim 37.54: Truly hearing is to proclaim

Idim 37.55: Why a bodhisattva is not a listener

Idim 37.56: Tattva buddha: Why a medium buddha is still a buddha

Idim 37.57: Waking, and the opening of a flower

Idim 37.58: What makes them “medium”

Idim 37.59: How much emptiness can you see if you are not yet a bodhisattva?

Idim 37.60: Expanding: the difference between a listener and a self-made buddha

Idim 37.61: “Collection” as the perfection of practice

Idim 37.62: “Sambhara” as “embraced”

Idim 37.63: What does it mean to be “self-made”?

Idim 37.64: Able ones, and their Lords

Idim 37.65: Six steps to producing an arhat

Idim 37.66: Are the self-made made in a single lifetime?

Idim 37.67: The assurance of our future

Idim 37.68: A beautiful way to spend lives

Idim 37.69: It wasn’t just dependence, it was teaching

Idim 37.70: How can a father be born from their child?

Idim 37.71: Born, in the sense of a material cause

Idim 37.72: Born, in the sense of a contributing, and separate, cause

Idim 37.73: Keeping the material separate from the contributing

Idim 37.74: The main reason for singing the praises

Idim 37.75: Beyond, and deep

Idim 37.76: A second offering, implied

Idim 37.77: Caring for the young tree

Idim 37.78: Remembering what will be

Idim 37.79: Going on a higher trip

Idim 37.80: A four-part chain of cause & effect

Idim 37.81: The real teaching is compassion

Idim 37.82: The three causes of the cause

Idim 37.83: And diamonds come from the black earth too

Idim 37.84: A single biography

Idim 37.85: Sitting weeping on a cliff

Idim 37.86: All rivers to the sea

Idim 37.87: Water in the desert

Idim 37.88: You wanna surf, but you don’t wanna get wet

Idim 37.89: A thing that never happened before

Idim 37.90: Two extremes in trying

Idim 37.91: Galaxy search within a hoofprint

Idim 37.92: The practice in the palm of our hands

Idim 37.93: The peacock warrior’s transformation

Idim 37.94: Two things to be a great teacher

Idim 37.95: The emperor’s flying saucer

Idim 37.96: The seed of the father, the womb of the mother

Idim 37.97: The ultimate mantra practice

Idim 37.98: The very nature of a produced thing

Idim 37.99: Not like getting your vows

Idim 37.100: Walking without knowing the steps

Idim 37.101: The two great methods

Idim 37.102: A hidden method kept hidden