For the second year, we return to Thailand for another installment of the Gift of Liberation series, which is based upon the Lam Rim teachings of Pabongka Rinpoche, in his seminal book, "Liberation Thrust into the Palm of Your Hand". At this retreat on the stunning beaches of Thailand, Geshe Michael Roach will teach us how to identify the six majors problems that most people experience at one time or another, and the how to finally end them.
Based on the great Tibetan Classic, A Gift of Liberation: Thrust into the Palm of Our Hand written by Pabonka Rinpoche, this retreat focused on using death meditation to reinvigorate your life and your practice and included the popular 3 day “Retreat within a Retreat”. This 10-day installment finished the portion of the text describing the animal and hell realms, included a beautiful death meditation and began the section of the Lam Rim which discusses the beautiful practice of going for refuge.
誰在真正掌控這個世界?是我們細胞中的DNA?亦或是政客或掌權者?亦或是金錢。或許,在這之下有著更深層的原因。所有原因之下的原因。也許是我們曾為他人做的所有的善行。 在菩提道次第系列的第26次課程中,我們將會繼續講解帕繃喀仁波切所著的《掌中解脫》——藏地最偉大的著作之一。格西麥克將專注講解業力是如何運作的錯綜複雜的方式,以及我們可以如何運用它成就偉大的生命。 學習業力四法則的古老教法,以及我們在全球通過DCI和其他課程講述的十善業。