Geshe Michael is an honors graduate of Princeton University and received the Presidential Scholar Medallion from the President of the United States at the White House. He is a recipient of the McConnell Scholarship Prize, Princeton’s institute for international affairs, the Woodrow Wilson School. In this talk Geshe Michael returns to Princeton University, as invited by Dean Paul Raushenbush, to talk on how to use ancient wisdom to achieve success in business and every aspect of your life. Read More
You’ll receive the details you need to apply Diamond Cutter principles on a daily basis—including a brief daily meditation practice, and some special exercises that will actually help you achieve your personal and career goals. In this talk Geshe Michael teaches us how to develop a new, enduring, and meaningful passion in our lives. Read More
The old world is gone. Companies, banks, entire countries and economies are changing. The Office as we know it is being replaced by The Internet. It’s a whole new world, and we need a whole new way of succeeding in it. Or maybe an ancient way. The Diamond Cutter is the oldest printed book in the world, and reached Tibet almost a thousand years ago. Now millions of people around the globe are using its wisdom to succeed in the new world—to find their dreams, whether it be financial prosperity, good health, or a great relationship. Read More
A very nice one-night lecture about Dharma and business that was given just as Geshe Michael Roach was finishing up his bestselling book The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life. It’s one of the very first lectures Geshe Michael gave about business, which would later evolve into the Diamond Cutter Institute and teaching these principals to thousands of people around the world. Read More
Michael Roach, primer monje budista estadounidense que alcanzó el grado de Gueshe y uno de los más populares profesores de Budismo Tibetano en Occidente, vendrá al Perú como parte su gira internacional del presente año. Roach, conocido popularmente como Gueshe Michael, ofrecido tres distintas conferencias públicas en Lima, que se celebró en el Auditorio Juan Julio Wicht, de la Universidad del Pacífico. Read More
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