The presentations of emptiness found in these textbooks are some of the most thorough and usable ever written. Students of Buddhism who avail themselves of these texts gain incredible insight into the every detail of this most profound and important teaching. Read More
While at the top and in the teaching hall of this temple Geshe Michael gave a teaching on Master Kamilashila's commentary to The Diamond Cutter Sutra. There are two famous commentaries to The Diamond Cutter Sutra that were written in Sanskrit in India. This one by Master Kamalashila is one of them and was written around 750 A.D., the other was done by by Master Vasubandhu around 350 A.D. Read More
If all things in our world are coming from the ripening of karmic seeds which were created by our actions towards other people in the past, then in a sense, you could say that all things are coming from you. Recently in Beijing at one of the DCI events, one of the students asked the following question: “if my husband is coming from me, if I kiss him am I kissing myself?” Read More
We’ve all tried lots of different things to stop our favorite addiction, and we all know what it’s like to fail. Addictions make us miserable. Here’s a new way to stop. A new way to brake free from the cycles of addiction, take control of your life, and turn it into something beautiful. Read More
Four centuries ago there was a Tibetan master named the First Panchen Lama. He was one of the greatest meditators who ever lived. He learned the traps that can ruin our meditation, and he learned how to beat these traps. He described all this in a book called The Devil Debates an Angel, a very funny and profound argument between the Devil and an Angel, inside of one’s person’s head. Read More
The ancient wisdom of Asia says that the world is an illusion—which isn’t hard to believe sometimes, when our life gets turned upside down. But maybe there’s a way to see through this illusion and make our life go the way we always wanted it to: a perfect relationship, financial security, strong health, and a world without hunger or war. One of the greatest teachers of Tibet was the First Panchen Lama, who lived over 400 years ago. He said that if we really understand the illusion we can make it work for us, to create a life full of happiness and success. Read More
Life is like this. You are driving you car down the street at dusk. Suddenly you see a kitten scurrying across the road. You slam on the brakes—it almost sends everybody through the windshield. You look out to see if you hit the kitten or not, and suddenly you realize that it wasn’t a kitten at all, just a tree leaf being blown across the street.​ Read More
Our whole life, we've had thoughts going through our mind. They tell us if we're happy or angry, if we love somebody or we don't. The chatter is almost constant, year after year, for a whole lifetime. The ancient Tibetans said that we could learn how to watch these thoughts. And then we could learn how to make them more clear, more peaceful. And then we could improve our job, our relationships, and our happiness, day to day. Read More
Here's how disagreements go: Somebody else says they want to do something one way, and we gently suggest that we might want to do it another way. Then their opinion begins to harden, like cement—and our disagreement with them gets more concrete too. In the end, we reach a point where it feels like we’re completely, solidly stuck. It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a certain kind of meditation that we can do, for a few minutes, which literally melts disagreements away. Read More
After almost three years in meditation, the retreatants at Diamond Mountain University are possibly as deep as any large group of meditators in the history of the United States. In their final public teaching before the celebration of their coming out of retreat they shared their experiences, and the meditation techniques that have worked best for them. Read More
A unique opportunity to listen to the thoughts of the retreatants themselves after more than two years in deep retreat. In these talks, participants share their beautiful experiences and wisdom of either serving the retreat in a support role or actually being in a deep meditation retreat. Read More
Sometimes your life is just on a roll. The way you always wanted it. Your job is going well, your relationship is great, you have good energy and you feel happy. But how to keep it going? Can we get our life on an upward spiral and just keep it there? Forever? There is a way. It goes all the way back to the Buddha, more than 2,000 years ago. The Buddha didn’t just get enlightened—he also found a way that all of us can use, to get our career and our relationship in an upward spiral and keep it there. Read More
During the this week-long teaching retreat Geshe Michael Roach will lead us through the section called “Learning to be Quiet,” from one of the greatest books ever written in Tibet: the Gift of Liberation by Pabongka Rinpoche. This intensive series of teachings is meant to give us all the ancient secrets for making a meditation session really successful and this intensive meditation retreat is a chance to actually put into practice these meditation secrets. Read More
For centuries, Tibetan monks have used 7 powerful steps to put themselves into a state of deep meditation. During this course we will be learning a beautiful seven-step mental exercise which is followed by Tibetan monks in order to put themselves into a state of deep meditation. You can learn to do the same, for peace of mind, and for incredible focus to make your work and relationships successful. Read More