This Course is based upon the Commentary on Valid Perception (Pramanavarttika) by Master Dharmakirti (630 AD) with a commentary from The Key for Starting the Logic Machine (Rik- lam Trul- gyi Deamik) by Purbuchok Jampa Tsultrim Gyatso (1825- 1901). The Course presents the structure of Buddhist logic and the forms of Buddhist debate.

Topics include: the correct motivation for debate; debating tactics and the flow of a debate; the subject, quality, and reason of the debate; why logic is more valuable than faith; how studying logic leads to perceiving emptiness; what makes a reason correct; contradictions and relationships; relationships of identity, and relationships of cause and effect; proving the absence of something; material causes and contributing factors; valid perception; changing and unchanging things; an outline of all existing things; the concept of time according to each of the four schools of thought; and the reason why suffering has an end.

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Course Materials





Class One: Why Study Buddhist Logic?

Class Two: Outline of All Existing Things

Class Three: Quality and Characteristic, the Door to Emptiness

Class Four: Cause and Effect

Class Five: Valid Perception

Class Six: What Emptiness is Not

Class Seven: Contradiction and Relationship

Class Eight: How Definitions Work

Class Nine: Good Reasoning and the Concept of Exclusion

Class Ten: The Concept of Time

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