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掌中解脫靜修營#26 冥想





掌中解脱静修营#26 冥想

Who really runs the world? Maybe it is the DNA within our body´s cells. Maybe it´s the politicians – or people in power. Maybe it’s just money. Or maybe there is a deeper cause beneath it all. The cause beneath all causes. Maybe it´s just all the acts of kindness we have ever done for others.

In the 26th installment of our series on the Steps to Enlightenment, we’ll be continuing through A Gift of Liberation by Pabongka Rinpoche, one of the greatest books ever written in Tibet. Geshe Michael Roach will focus on the intricate ways of how karma works, and how we can use it to achieve a great life.

Learn the ancient teachings on the Four Laws of Karma and the Ten Good Karmas we have heard at DCI and other programs around the world.

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