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The Realized Asanga on Higher Protection, Part One (2016, Arizona)

In this series of classes, Geshe Michael dives deeper into the subject of protection using a famous book called The Necklace of Understanding (Abhisamayalankara), which was revealed by Maitreya to Arya Asanga, in which he teaches about what it means to take refuge by covering the following three topics: 1. What it means to go for refuge, 2. Where you go for refuge (The Three Jewels), and 3. The Four Bodies of a Buddha.

由地到天:《现证庄严论》中的二十二层菩提心 (北京, 2016)

由地到天的二十二层象征着修行者修炼成佛愿(菩提心)的历程,从初级菩萨的初始动机开始,最后到佛陀心中的圆满菩提心。 此教授源自证者无著大师所著的《现证庄严论》以及宗喀巴大师所著的对应论释《现证庄严论金鬘疏》。 经由格西麦克的其中一位弟子的请求,格西于2016年4月22日凌晨时分在北京的酒店房间做了此私...