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Steps to Enlightenment 01: The Deepest Meditation (2010, Phoenix)

Ultimate truth lies all around us, like an invisible wall of diamond that can only be seen by a mind which is perfectly still and quiet. The moon’s reflection can only be seen on the crystal surface of the lake of our mind if that surface is absolutely still. Really bringing our mind to silence is like learning to play a piano: it requires careful training under a qualified teacher—and lots of practice! In this 10-part training

Steps to Enlightenment 05: Finding What We Were Always Meant to Be (2011, Phoenix)

We finish school and we blink and then we look around and we’re already stuck in a job and a relationship for ten years, feeling like there’s nowhere else to go; feeling like we’re not doing what we were meant to be doing, like we’re missing something; feeling like maybe it’s too late to change. This course in the Steps to Enlightenment Series will help you accomplish two different things: 1) Find out what you were always meant to be. 2) And then learn to become it.

Steps to Enlightenment 03: Why Are We Alive? The Quest to Create a Perfect World (2011, Phoenix)

Why did we come into this world, and what are we meant to do here? We have a deep hunger to know why we are here, why we were born, and what we need to do with our life. Deep down we all want to save the world, and in the process we want to reach our own happiness as well. We will be following, word by word, one of the greatest books ever written: A Gift of Liberation, Thrust into Our Hands.
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