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A Better History of Time: The Grand Unification Theory (2014, New York)

Can the Buddha answer science's deepest unsolved question? A refreshing talk that sheds new light on our quest for the "Grand Unification Theory." Join us for three free talks that could change the way you think about everything. Geshe Michael Roach discusses how the ancient writings of Buddhism can help us make science more inclusive of the human experience and open the possibility for a world of deeper happiness, prosperity and peace.

ACI In-Depth Course 1: Teachings of the Future Buddha: The Uttara Tantra of Maitreya (2003, Arizona, Geshe Michael Roach)

In this first course of the ACI In-Depth Course Series, we will study the fifth of the five books of Maitreya, the coming Buddha. Centuries ago, the Coming Buddha, Lord Maitreya, taught his disciple Arya Asanga the secret of how to reach Enlightenment. He described to him in detail, the inner nature, which guarantees that each of us can, and will, become enlightened. Each of us carries within us a seed, a potential, a capacity to become a fully enlightened being: A Buddha.
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