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Death is feared, avoided, and denied in ways that often causes us to live as if we will never die. At the end of life, people often die with intense regret from not having done the important things they wanted to do in their life. Acknowledging the fact that we will die, and that we have a limited, unknown amount of time left is essential to making our life choices. By meditating on death in the proper way, we can make every moment of life precious and meaningful. A good death meditation results in a happy, clear mind, free of anxiety and fear. One learns to live each day of life as if it were the last, thereby avoiding meaningless activity and spending each moment in the most fulfilling way possible.

This course was taught by Geshe Michael Roach in Raleigh, NC in the spring of 1999. All audio and reading materials are located below.

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Course Materials

Course Materials




Class 1: Springtime Meadow Dance of Death

Class 2: The Certainty of Death

Class 3: The Uncertainty of the Time of Death
& What to Do When it Comes

Class 4: What to Do if You Are Going to Die Tonight

Class 5: Death Meditation Mandala & What to Do When a Person Dies

Class 6: Why You and Me is Me

Class 7

Class 8

Class 9