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Another new area of the website that we’ve started building is a section devoted entirely to Geshe Michael’s translations. The majority of these translations were originally done as excerpts for a course or class, and are now located only in the PDF documents for that specific course which are not searchable on the web. We’ve put in a great deal of effort behind the scenes to extract all of these translations from the original course materials and save them as individual texts. Now as part of the new website there’s a section devoted entirely to publishing these translations online. They are all being organized by author and further categorized by subject matter. One of the most important things is they will now be completely searchable and the user will also be able to browse based on certain topics or tags. In the future, this feature of the website will make it very easy to translate these texts into many languages, and will be an invaluable tool for future teachers to start creating their own unique course materials in much the same way that Geshe Michael has done with the ACIP database.